This festival is celebrated by ladies all over India. It is celebrated for nine nights (nava means nine) We worship the Godessess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi for getting courage, wealth and knowledge respectively. Dolls and idols of Gods are arranged in steps like a staircase. It is called “Kolu”. On the top most step, we place the Gods and the other dolls on other steps.  In the city of Mysore, this is celebrated in a grand manner for ten days and therefore called as “Dasara” (Das means ten). The place may be decorated with art papers, baloons, dolls, etc. Floral decorations may also be done. They also exhibit the arts and crafts made by themselves on these steps. They also build parks, ponds etc, near the steps.    Each day, a type of sundal is prepared as offering to God. In the evening, people invite the neighbours and offer Thamboolam with the sundal, clothes, coconut or some token gifts.

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