Ugaadi is the beginning of a new year for Telugu, Kannada and Maharashtra people; basically those who relate to the journey of Moon…that is why it is called Chandramaana Ugaadi. Some Tamil people may celebrate this because they live in these states; but most of the tamil people have their new year generally around April 14th..called Souramaana Ugaadi related to Sun.

The festival starts from the previous evening. They clean the house and decorate it with kolams made of rice flour. They tie mango leaves and neem leaves on the doorway of their houses.

Next day they get up early and have head bath. They place the “Panchangam” in the pooja and offer various dishes to God.They wear new dresses and new jewellery

On this day, a dish neem flower pachidi (also known as ugadi pachidi) is prepared and it is the main recipe for the day. Its taste consists of “Shad Rasa” or seven kind of tastes – sweet, sour, bitter, hot, salty and so on. The thought is: life is made up of a variety of tastes such as difficulties, pleasures, anger, love, hatred and so on. Whenever they greet people they ask whether they had this dish. They offer this sauce to everyone who visit their houses.

Special programs are telecasted which includes cultural dances and music. People enjoy by going out to places and meet their relatives, offer gifts to each other. They visit temples.

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