Aadi Pandigai


This festival is celebrated for the birth of the tamil month of aadi. A lot of festivals are celebrated in the month of aadi. This is the beginning of all the festivals during the festival season. Once aadi festival starts all other festivals follow one by one. During the month of thai and aadi the sun changes directions so it is celebrated in that way.

Aadi festival is special for various ammans. It is celebrated in a special way in temples like mangadu, kamakshi temple etc. All sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays of this month are auspicious.

Every Friday is celebrated as “Aadi Velli”. On the first Friday we make kozhukkattai for Lord Ganesha.The new moon day of this month is celebrated as “Aadi Amavasai” which is to remeber our ancestors who have reached God. That day donations will be made.

The pooram star of this month is celebrated as “aadi pooram” as the birthday of Aandal. It is celebrated in all temples in a grand manner

The 18th day of this month is celebrated as “Aadi perukku” or “Pathinettam perukku”. Since rain flows in this month, the rivers are filled with water. Water is also given from dams to agriculturists.On this day, we prepare all varieties of rice and vadams etc. taking all to nearby river or beach with friends and give them manjal kunkum, vetrilai pakku, clothes etc This done to praise Goddeess Cauveri (Cauvery river). It is to thank all the rivers because they provide water.

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