Deepavali is one of the most important festival of India. It is known as Diwali in North India, which means festival of lights. The place is made luminous by arranging the lights and burning the crackers. It is a joyful day and is celebrated with special purchases, greetings and gifts.

The festival starts from the previous night of the Deepavali day. We burn The crackers. We place the new dresses, crackers, any new jewellery, sweets and savories in the pooja. Early morning on the Deepavali day, we take head bath, wear new dress, burn crackers and eat sweets.It is very auspicious to take bath in the Ganges river on this day. The head bath is considered as Ganga Snanam(bath in the river Ganges).

It is also known as Naraga Chaturthi which is the day when the demon Narakasura, who was doing lot of evil, was killed by Lord Krishna. There we celebrate the death of evil with joy.

Lakshmi pooja is performed on this day. New accounts are opened on this day as it is considered auspicious.Kedar Gowri Vradam is also performed.It is celebrated in a nice manner in Varanasi.Many people go to Varanasi to have the dharsan of Lord Viswanath, Visalakshi and golden Annapoorni.

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