Bread channa bajji

Ingredients:Bread slices, Channa masala, Vegetables(carrot,beans,peas), Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Coriander leaves., Chilly powder, salt., Gram flour
Method:Toast the bread slices and cut each into 4 parts. Boil and mash all the vegetables .To this add channa masala and ground paste of garlic,onion and tomato.Keep stirring till the raw smell goes off.Now adda channa masala,salt and chilly powder.Keep stirring till its just thick enough and not liquidy. Now take two bread pieces .Place a little channa masala u have made now between this like u do for sandwich.Make a semi-liquid paste with gram flour ,salt and chilly powder.Dip this bread sandwich and fry till golden brown.Allow oil to drain and serve hot.

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