Hand murukku


Rice – 1/2 kg,(Soak in water for 2 hours). Wash and drain fully. Spread it on a large piece of cloth or paper and allow to dry. It should not dry totally. Grind it into a very nice powder. Sieve this flour. Add Urud powder in the ration 8:1. Add 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp asafoetida, 2 tsp sesame seeds or cumin seeds, 4 tsp butter. Mix well adding little water into a soft dough. Using this dough, make murukkus on a sheet of newspaper(it absorbs the water) by rolling spirally to get the desired shape. Grease your hand with coconut oil to get the shapes. Leave it to dry (it should not dry too much or it should not be too watery). Heat oil in a frying pan, and deep fry, turning occasionally. Remove the murukkus when the sound of murukku in oil, becomes silent. These can also be made using ready-made murukku plates.

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