Beetroot Rasam

Ingredients: Beetroot- 2, Green Chilly- 1, Shredded Coconut- 2 Tbsps., Rasam Powder- 1 tsp., Salt, Tamarind- As per taste, 1 Red Chilly, Mustard seeds,Oil- For seasoning
Method: Soak tamarind to extract juice.
Slice beetroot & cook it.
Grind cooked beets with rasam powder & coconut with water.
Boil the tamarind extract with salt,turmeric & green chilly.
Add the ground mixture & boil for a while.
For Seasoning, heat 1 tsp of oil & add 1/2 tsp of mustard seeds & 1 red chilly. When it splutters, pour it over the rasam. Recipe from Sangeetha Kedlaya.
Recipe from Sangeetha Kedlaya

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