carrot pulihora

Ingredients: grated carrots- 1 cup, boiled chickpeas- 3 spoonfuls, boiled rice- 2 1/2 cups, lemon juice, salt, turmeric – as per taste, chopped coriander, ginger + curry leaves- for seasoning, urad dal – 1/2 tsp ,mustard seeds- 1 tsp, for seasoning
Method: Heat oil in a pan – add urad dal, mustard seeds. as the mustard seeds splutter – add chopped ginger, coriander and curry leaves – now add boiled chickpeas and grated carrot – saute with salt, lemon juice, turmeric for two minutes mix the above with flaky boiled rice and serve with seasoned yogurt.
carrot has got Beta-Carotene -Vitamin A and chickpeas are good for carbohydrates.Recipe from rohini gowtham.

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