Pavakkai Gojju

Ingredients: Pavakkai 2 ( medium size) , tur dal 1/4 cup , payathamparuppu 1/4 cup , tamarind one inch , salt 1/2 tsp , tomato 2 big , mustard 1/4 tsp. , asaf 1/4 tsp , red chillies 2 , oil 2 tsp , karuveppilai 6-8 leaves
Cut the pavakkai into small pieces and cook in little water. drain water. cook the dal in a cooker. Extrct juice from tamarind.Add all and cook for ten min. In a kadai pour 2 tsp oil, mustard, when it starts popping add red chillies and asaoetida. Add this to the gojju. Add curry leaves.

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