Rajma Pulao

Ingredients: Basmati rice-2 cups Oil & ghee-50 ml or 75 ml chopped ginger -2 tsp garlic-6 cloves cinnamon-3 pieces cloves-3 tomatoes-3 green pepper(chillies) -5-6 onion-1 cilantro (corriander leaves) for garnishing rajma ( red kidney beans)-3/4 cup
Soak rice. Soak rajma and cook till it is half boiled. gring ginger and garlic. chop tomatoes and onions. Pour oil and ghee in a pressure cooker,fry cinnamon,cloves,onions,ground masala, tomatoes,green pepper. Add rajma beans and stir, add salt, cilantro, add 3&1/2 cups water,allow it to boil, add the soaked rice and after 5 mts, cover the lid and pressure cook for 15 mts. in low flame. Recipe from Siddhika Raja.
Recipe from Siddhika Raja

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