Vegetable biriyani

basmati rice-2 cups, beans – 100g, carrot-100g, onion-250g, garlic – 2 cloves, ginger – 1/4 inch piece, green chillies -2,cinnamon -2 inch piece, cloves – 4, cardomom – 4, andhra moggu, bay leaves-1, salt – 1/2 tsp, cilantro leaves – 1/4 cup, mint leaves – 1/4 cups, salt bread – 1/2 cup
Chop the beans, carrots, turnip into thin long pieces. Chop 1/3 of the onions into thin rings, one third into fine pieces. Grind the remaining onions, ginger, garlic and green chillies into a fine paste.
Dry roast andhra moggu. Grind this along with the cinnamon, clove and cardomom coarsely
Heat oil and roast the bay leaf. Add the onion paste and fry. Then add the chopped vegetables and green peas and fry well. Now add the ground cinnamon masala.
Wash the rice completely and drain.Add thiss rice to the cooked vegetables and fry a little while. Add salt and 4 cups of water to the mix and keep it covered in low heat until the rice is fully cooked.Add finely chopped cilantro and mint leavesand mix.
Cut the salt bread into fine pieces and deep fry in oiluntil they become crisp and brown.Add these pieces to the rice a few minutes before serving.

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