Mango Vathal


very sour mango(sliced) – 1 cup, salt – 1/4 cup.
cut mangoes in the form of thin slices of size about one inch.To 1 cup of slices add 1/4 cup salt and mix. Leave it soaked for two days.The mangoes will become watery. Separate the mango pieces and the remaing liquid into separate vessels.Spread the mango pieces on a large plate and leave it in hot sun for one full day.Cover the separated liquid with a thin cloth and leave it in hot sun for one full day.During the evening, add the mango pieces to the liquid and soak overnight.During the day, dry them separately in hot sun.Repeat this procedure for about 2-3 days until all the liquid is exhausted.Then dry the mangoes for one full day in hot sun.
Using this you can make mango pickles instantly.

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