Soy Pakoda

Ingredients: Meal maker/Soy- 100 gms, Gram flour- 100 gms, Garlic (smashed with skin and added to the mix)- 2cloves, Chilly powder- 1/2tsp, Asafoetda- a pinch, Rice flour- 3tsp,salt to taste and oil for frying,
Method: Soak soy for 3-4 hrs before you want the pakoda ready.Drain the water prepare the bajji mix and keep them aside for 20-30 mts (a pinch of baking soda will help in improving the softness of the pakoda)Soak the mealmaker individually or in clusters in the pakoda mix and fry until they are golden brown in colour.This is an ideal dish to add a variety to the menu.Recipe from Shirisha ram.

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