Fine Rice Flour 4cups,Green chillies salt to taste Hing and 1 tbsp oil
To Grind: 10 to 12 Green Chillies ( use less if the chillies are pungent)
3 Tbps Rock Salt,Hing ( use the block Hing instead of Powder tastes better)soaked in water. Grind green chillies Hing and salt with 1 cup water. Strain the ground chillies.
In a heavy bottom vessel or a non stick vessel Boil 7 cups of water add oil then the chilli water and bring to a boil, then add the rice flour little by little and keep mixing so as to not to form lumps. Reduce the heat once the rice is fully mixed and the color changes a little, close it for a few minutes.Then put a little mixture in the muruku press and press it on a plastic sheet. leave it to dry for 2 days, Remember to turn the sides when dry. Store in air tight containers when fully dry. Deep fry in oil as & when required.
Recipe from sujatha giridhar

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